Thursday, May 26, 2016

Photos: Checkout Crazy Throwback Photos Of Our Famous Nigerian Celebrities That Will Make You Go Gaga.

Wow this throwback photo of your of our famous Nigerian celebrities will make you go gaga, starting from our very own 2Baba, Wizkid, Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks, Tiwa Savage, Korede Bello, Ay, Tonto Dike, P-Square, Timaya, Bishop Omoh, Flavour, Phyno and many others..
Well these pictures will make you Laugh Out Loud truest me.
See pix below;

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Nigerians Be Crying About Tomato Scarcity, Spain Be Celebrating Tomato Throwing Festival.. What A World

So she has been calm all this while huh? Well not because She doesn't  have stuffs to write about, but because She's  been carried away with one or two serious activities. #AmSorryGuys
Ok back to the matter, guess this whole Tomato scarcity story is trending in Nigeria huh? Market women complaining about Famous Billonaire Dangote buying all the tomato so as to convert them into tin.
Well while Nigerians are struggling with buying 4 pieces of tomato for #800 Spain are saying other wise as they took out their time to celebrate "Tomato Throwing Festivals"
Hmmmmm tomato throwing festival they call it. Well this annoying but interesting tomato festival took place few days ago and Nigeria's were frowning seriously at it. But hmmm guess what this people first care ooh cause they look so so very happy doing there thing while we are dying as the day go by.
See more pix from the Tomato Festival in Spain.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Photos: Japan Declears Sex Free Day To All Citizens As They Celebrate Their Annual Penis Festival

You've got to be kidding me..! OMG!!!! what in the world is this??? "Penis Festival" huh?
Well guys, when I saw this pix and read through the write ups attached, I was dumbfounded I must say.
The above picture shows the Penis Annual Festival in Japan. Info has it that; "Penis is one of the mostly observed festivals in Japan, to celebrate the vital importance of penis in society.
This is the time for everyone to experience sex atleast once in a year, even for singles.
Prostitutes provide free sex just to honour that incredible creature".
Like for real??? Tell me guys what do you think?
See more pix below;

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One Killed As UniPort Protest Turns Into Crises And Bloody

Now am wondering, after the case of Aluu 4, we thought we would never hear any negative news from Uniport Guess we were wrong.
Information has it that yesterday, "Students who were on their way to AIT with the corpse of the dead student shot by SARS officials have been attacked on their way to AIT by the same SARs officials who apprehended them all and is taking all of them to the police headquarters meanwhile abandoning the corpse of the dead student on the road along NTA-Choba road"
An Eye witness said he was shot around Kilimanjaro, he was shot 3times and His Murder was premeditated.
Early this morning, The Nigerian Army paraded the hostels in abuja campus and arrested all the boys in their rooms and took them to the barracks. All the girls were beaten up and taken to the school arena.
See pix below;

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Monday, April 11, 2016

University Of PortHarcourt Shots Down Till Further Notice Due To Increase Of Fees And Payment Deadline


The aggrieved students of University Of PortHarcourt, poured out on the road after locking up the gates of the Choba, Delta Park and Abuja Park campuses of the university. This has caused an obstruction of the free flow of traffic on the ever-busy interstate highway by protesting students of the University of Port Harcourt.
The main grievance of the students is the deadline set by the Management of the institution for them to pay their school fees or risk missing the semester examinations and subsequent withdrawal of their registration.
One of student leaders, ANDREW OSOSE, told reporters that students of UNIPORT pay higher fees than other federal universities across the country.OSOSE said every effort by the students to dialogue with the management on the situation had been turned down, which left them with no option than to embark on protest.Other students also told our correspondent UCHENDUE EJIOWHOR that they would continue the protest until the management meet their demand for improved welfare.
While the protest was raging on the East-West Road and the Choba Campus of UNIPORT, another group of aggrieved students stormed the Senate Building on the Abuja Campus in a bid to disrupt activities of the management of the institution.Our correspondent LEVI ISU reports that the protesting students were greeted with heavy security deployment at the Vice Chancellor's Lodge. 
Meanwhile; traders around Choba who depend on students of the University of Port Harcourt for sales are in for a hard time because of the protest over school deadline.Some of the road-side traders who spoke with our correspondent UCHENDU EJIOWHOR appealed to the authorities to attend to the demands of the students.Our correspondent also sighted some of the protesting students with cartons of noodles suspected to have been looted from a delivery truck that was intercepted on the East-West road.
Story lifted from Today95.1fm PortHarcourt
See pix from the protest below:

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Beware Of Fake Condom: "Chinese Firm Caught Making Fake Condoms For Kenya"

The fake condoms were reportedly sold online under well-known brands like Durex and Jissbon to Kenyan hotels.
About 3 million condoms which were being sold at $0,05 each are reported to have been confiscated.
In addition to being of an inferior quality, the condoms are said to contain an offensive smell, according to Chinese police.
While we may be accustomed to seeing rip-offs of popular labels being sold on street corners and in some shops, condoms obviously are different matter. This ought to be seen as a crime against humanity!
Source: Kenya Today
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Photos: To All Ye Car Lovers, Checkout This Amazing One Bedroom Flat Car

Alright, to all my car lovers, I bet you'll soon be looking for this one. When I first saw this car, I was amazed by the interior designs.
A one bedroom flat car huh? Was the big question I asked myself. Yes you read right one bedroom flat. This amazing car actually has a room and parlor, not leaving aside a mini kitchen, guess it's meant for my fellow travellers or should I say destitute Hehehehe. When you get to a point, just pack your car and sleep lol.
What in the world actually made them (who ever the inventor is) to make or should I say build such a car?
Enough been said joor, finally oyinbo pass us no be small. Tell me, what do you think of this awesome car?
Checkout more awesome parts of this amazing car below:

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